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SDI BL1 Automatic Boom Leveler

Most golf courses have undulating areas on tees, fairways, rough and greens. If your spray boom doesn’t maintain a consistent distance between your turf and the spray nozzles you’ll get an uneven application. The SDI BL1 Automatic Boom Leveler features a sensor that is set to maintain a consistent spray height regardless of a change in surface elevation.

When the distance between the spray boom and the ground changes, the consistency of your spray application changes. A boom wing that is too close to the ground can cause streaking, if it is too high you can dilute the rate. Either way it can change the efficacy of any pesticide or nutrient you apply.

The BL1 addresses these application problems by automatically maintaining a preset boom height regardless of the terrain. The sensor is mounted on the leading edge of your spray boom wings. It is set to keep the spray boom wing at a consistent height regardless of the change in elevation of the surface being sprayed.

Operation is streamlined and easy to learn with just a single switch required to activate the leveler. The BL1 can easily be installed on any spray boom with 12 volt lift actuators and is fully adjustable to accommodate any spray height. The control box, wiring harness and switch are included in the installation kit. We recommend using the BL1 with the SDI Optimum Turf Boom and SDI ELA Kit (hydraulic/electric) lift actuators for best results.

BL1 Automatic Boom Leveler PDF

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