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Utility 3 Point Sprayer3 Point Sprayers - SDI and Unigreen

SDI has designed several models of tractor mounted 3 point sprayers, the Utility 3PT, the Ag Master 3PT and the Poly 3PT. These units have multiple tank capacities. Two models feature a commercial grade fiberglass tank, external sight gauge, welded steel epoxy coated frame and non-corrosive plumbing components. The Poly 3PT features an economical polyethylene spray tank.

The Utility 3PT sprayer is economically priced, featuring a PTO driven roller pump, 10 foot stainless steel wet boom, weed wand with 15' of 3/8 spray hose, jet agitation and manual spray controls. Just hook this unit to your 3 point hitch, add chemical and start spraying.

Our Ag Master 3PT tractor mounted sprayers feature a PTO driven diaphragm pump and mechanical agitation system. These sprayers allow you to pick and choose the options you need for maximum spraying efficiency. We offer many hose reels, controls and spray boom options to fully customize these sprayers.

The SDI Poly 3PT sprayer features a polyethylene spray tank, welded steel epoxy coated frame and your choice of pump and spray boom.

Specifications 3PT Utility 3PT Poly 3PT
Tank Sizes 50, 100, 150 50, 100, 150 Up to 300
Tank Construction Fiberglass Fiberglass Poly
Pump Roller, Diaphragm, Centrifugal Roller, Diaphragm, Centrifugal Roller, Diaphragm, Centrifugal
Boom Optional 10 Foot Stainless Optional

300 Gallon Poly 3PT Ag Master 3PT







Unigreen Airblast SprayersExpo 402

SDI is proud to offer the Unigreen line of 3 point Airblast Sprayers. There are three models to choose from, the Expo 202 and 402 and the Kamba 600. These sprayers are designed for use on smaller acreages of grapes, nuts, tree fruit and bushberries. They all feature a uniquely shaped, completely draining polyethylene spray tank with integrated hand wash tank. The sprayers also have a 16" hinged lid, high pressure diaphragm pump and heavy duty galvanized support frame. These sprayers come equipped with 4 way controls including a pressure regulator.

The Expo line has a galvanized fan housing with nylon fan blades and fixed air deflectors for even, proportional disbursement of air and chemical. Unique for this price range, these high quality sprayers have gearboxes that power the fans, not a pulley system. There are two tank sizes offered, 65 and 105 gallons. The Expo 202 has a 24" fan and single speed gearbox. The 402 has a 32" fan with a two speed gearbox.Kamba 600 FanKamba 600

The Kamba 600 is equipped with a hydraulically controlled articulating "Cannon" spray head. The head has a wide range of motion both vertically and horizontally. The fresh water rinse circuit is standard as are the controls and hand wash tank. The Kamba also include the standard features found on the Expo series of Unigreen sprayers.



Expo 202 & 402 PDF

Kamba 600 Cannon PDF

Specifications Expo 202 Expo 402 Kamba 600
Dimensions 40L x 45W x 43H 40L x 54W x 51H 56L x 50W x 56H
Empty Weight (lbs) 350 506 772
Tank Capacity 65 105 167
Pump Comet APS 51 Comet APS 71 Comet APS121
Flow / Pressure 14gpm / 580psi 18.5gpm / 725psi 31gpm / 725psi
Fresh Water Rinse n/a Option Yes
Fan Diameter 24" 9 Blades 32" 9 Blades n/a
Gearbox 1 Speed 2 Speed 2 Speed
Fan Housing Galvanized Galvanized Galvanized
Manifold Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Nozzle Bodies 10 Single 14 Single 5 Double
Nozzle Body Material Brass Brass Brass
Nozzles Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic
Fixed Air Deflector Yes Yes n/a
Air Speed (mph) 76 108 179
Air Volume (cfm) 15100 34200 17640
Power Required 25 40 n/a

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