Sprayer Products

Spraying Devices Inc. builds quality sprayer products and associated spraying equipment that helps to manage and enhance the appearance of golf courses, commercial and residential landscapes, roadsides, agriculture and protect the public’s health worldwide. Please review the products offered to find the sprayer that best fits your needs. If you can’t find what you need, give us a call at 559-734-5555 Monday through Friday 6:00am to 5:00pm Pacific Time and we’ll be glad to give you a hand!

SDI Sprayers for Golf Course Maintenance and Sports Turf Maintenance

The SDI Optimum Series sprayers are constructed specifically to mount on golf course maintenance turf trucks manufactured by Jacobsen®, John Deere® and Toro®. These sprayers can be easily attached or removed from the vehicle through the use of our pin mounting system. However, many golf course superintendents leave the sprayer attached year round to serve as a dedicated spray unit. We offer a variety of optional spray booms, controls and other accessories specifically designed to fit each unit.

OPTIMUM SERIES Golf Course Sprayers

SDI Sprayers for the Professional Pest Control Operator

The SDI PCO sprayers are built in multiple tank sizes and are offered with a variety of pumps and engines to best fit the needs of the professional pest control operator. These compact sprayers are primarily designed to mount in smaller pickups, but also work well in other vehicles.

Pest Control Sprayers

SDI Sprayers for Lawn Maintenance, Tree Spraying and Landscape Maintenance

Our Lawn, Landscape and Tree spraying equipment offers many different tank sizes and configurations. Multiple pump and engine combinations are offered to develop spraying pressures up to 800 psi, allowing you to spray tall trees.

Lawn, Landscape, and Tree Sprayers

SDI Sprayers for Agriculture

SDI builds high quality sprayers and spraying equipment for the agricultural market featuring fiberglass or polyethylene spray tanks with trailer, skid, ATV or 3 point tractor mounting configurations.

Agricultural Equipment Sprayers

SDI Soil Amendment and Chemical Mixing Equipment

We were an early pioneer in the agricultural soil amendment machine business. We build machines that are used to treat irrigation water in turf, agriculture and municipalities. SDI has also expanded into batch mixing machines used by large applicators to efficiently premix spray materials. Our inoculant application machines are used in agriculture to apply fermentation bacteria on many types of silage as it comes in from the field.

SDI Spray Booms and Spray Accessories

SDI offers a wide range of accessories to complement our sprayers. Spray controls, spray booms, guidance systems, hose reels, trailer packages, walking spray booms, spray tips and spray guns. We use quality components from a variety of suppliers.

Sprayer Booms and Spray Accessories