Lawn, Landscape and Tree Sprayers

Sprayers for Lawn Maintenance, Tree Spraying and Landscape Maintenance Professionals

SDI Lawn, Landscape and Tree spraying equipment offers multiple tank sizes and pump/engine configurations. These sprayers adapt well to multiple uses such as lawn, landscape, roadside or tree applications. Many of these sprayer designs lend themselves well to internally split tanks allowing you to have two or more spray materials mixed and ready to use. Multiple pump and engine combinations are offered to develop spraying pressures up to 800 psi, allowing you the flexibility to spray turf with a boom or spray gun at lower pressures and crank up the pressure when you need to spray tall trees.

VM300 Truck Mounted SprayerVM300 Truck Mounted Sprayer

The SDI VM300 sprayer is designed for in-bed installation in a long bed 3/4 ton or larger pickup truck. Placed between the truck cab and the wheel wells, this close-to-the-cab design leaves you room in the truck bed for additional cargo. Another unique feature of this unit is the dual stainless steel mechanical agitation system. Dual mechanical agitation gives you complete mixing of even hard to blend spray materials such as dry fertilizer, wettable powders or flowable chemicals.

Turf N' Tree SprayerTurf N’ Trees Sprayer

The SDI Turf N’ Tree Sprayer is a true multi-application sprayer. Use it with a spray boom for spraying turf, roadsides or open ground at lower spraying pressures. Bump up the pressure and this unit is ready to spray trees and enjoy over 50 feet of vertical reach (depending on pump and engine combination). The standard configuration is a skid mount, you can add an optional trailer package for increased flexibility.