Agricultural Equipment

Agricultural Equipment

SDI builds high quality sprayers and spraying equipment for the agricultural market featuring fiberglass or polyethylene spray tanks with trailer, skid, ATV or 3 point tractor mounting configurations.

Agriculture 3 Point Sprayers – SDI and Unigreen

The SDI fiberglass 3 Point sprayer is one of the first designs that we brought to market in 1982. Many of those early models are still providing value today, ove 30 years later. You have the option of configuring these sprayers in many ways. There are 50, 100 and 150 gallon tank capacities with the option of several PTO driven diaphragm pumps. You can also add a hose reel and spray boom.

We also build these same size units with a roller pump, spray boom and weed wand as a complete “value priced” unit ready to hook up to your tractor and spray.

The Unigreen airblast sprayers are built in Italy and offer many advantages to other small airblast sprayers. These versatile 3 point sprayers are designed for the smaller grower with tank sizes ranging from 65 to 165 gallons. An airblast sprayer is used to penetrate heavy foliage like that found in grapes, citrus, bushberries and nut trees. Unlike the belt driven systems offered by competitors, Unigreen sprayers feature a gearbox to power the fan. This allows the fan to turn at higher speeds and provide more air volume and velocity.

Agriculture Inoculant Applicators

As feed quality continues to be a critical component for todays progressive dairyman, many have begun to add silage inoculants to their forage mix. To address the needs of this market, SDI has developed a transportable silage inoculant applicator. This unit features the Dohrmann Dohrect Enject insulated inoculant tank to keep your bacteria cool and healthy during harvest. The SDI IS30T applicator is trailer mounted allowing you easy transport between fields.

Agricultural Poly Tank ATV and Skid Sprayers Agriculture Poly Tank ATV and Skid Sprayers

Many times the added cost of fiberglass just doesn’t fit many applications. These situations might be short term storage needs, an inexpensive spot sprayer for use on an ATV or Utility vehicle, a skid mounted unit for the back of a truck, a 3 point tractor mounted sprayer or trailer mounted field sprayer. Using the same quality components, almost anything we build with fiberglass we can duplicate with a polyethylene spray tank.

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