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Flow Based Controls

Computerized Spray Controller

MT3403AF Computerized Spray ControllerThe MT3403AF is a computerized spray controller that integrates the SDI All-Function control box with automatic rate adjustment. This system allows the operator to maintain a programmed spray rate regardless of changes in ground speed. This is particularly helpful in application areas that are undulating or hilly making constant speed control difficult.

This system utilizes Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) in place of radar or wheel sensors for speed detection. The control box includes a master on/off switch and 3 section boom control. The all-function control module adds switches for the optional accessories, foam marker (left, right) and 3 section boom lifts.

Raven SCS 330 & SCS 440
Computerized Spray Controllers
Raven SCS440 Controls
The Raven SCS 330 and SCS 440 Sprayer Flow Control systems maintain a programmed application rate regardless of changes in application speed. As with any computerized system, this is particularly helpful in application areas that are undulating or sloped making it difficult to maintain the constant speed needed for a proper application.

These systems utilize a GPS, wheel sensor or radar sensor for speed detection. The SCS 330 is a single rate control box. The SCS 440 allows for two programmed application rates. Each control box includes Raven SCS330 Controlsa master on/off switch, individual 3 section boom control and manual override.

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