CS Sprayers

CS Sprayer

SDI CS Compact Sprayer

CS Sprayer

Designed for the professional pest control operator to easily fit in popular enclosed cargo vehicles. This good-looking unit reflects your professional image and shows your pride of ownership. Features a unique trolley mounted hose reel that allows you to work from either side of the vehicle. There are two 12 volt diaphragm pumps, one for agitation and the other for spray. You get the pressure you need for spraying along with the volume for agitation.

Standard Features on SDI CS Sprayers:

  • The compact commercial grade contour molded fiberglass tank gives you access to the rest of the cargo area.
  • The tank is attached to the non-permeable bulkhead separating the cargo area from the passenger compartment.
  • Twin 12-volt diaphragm pumps, one for agitation and one to power the spray gun.
  • Integrated 12-volt battery powers the pumps and recharges when the vehicle is running.
  • Shown with an electric rewind hose reel with 300 feet of 1/4″ spray hose, other lengths, hose sizes and reel configurations are available.
  • The hose reel trolley system is also adaptable to multiple vehicles.
  • SDI’s venturi-jet agitation system provides complete mixing of your spray materials.
  • Two-line strainers prevent debris from entering the spray tank or spray hose.
  • Operating Controls are grouped together for easy operation with LED indicators.
  • Anti-siphon air gap filler.
  • Corrosion free spray system featuring a reinforced fiberglass tank, nylon, PVC, stainless steel and brass components.
  • The heavy-duty welded steel frame is epoxy coated for durability and strength.
  • Dimensions are 53″ wide, 27″ high and 15″ deep.






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