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GPS Control Systems

Arag Ninja GPS Control System

Control spray at each individual nozzle with the most proven GNSS guidance system available for any sprayer. It will eliminate spray overlap and automatically adjust your application rate to match travel speed for superior coverage. Save time, save money and increase accuracy!

  • Individual nozzle control, at the nozzle!
  • Dual nozzle Seletron nozzle holders for variable speeds and rates
  • CAN-BUS communication technology
  • WAAS, DGPS and Glonass for base error correction
  • Pass to pass accuracy within 2″
  • Terrastar or RTK error correction optional
  • Adjustable overlap and advance on/off parameters
  • Real Time on-screen guidance
  • Boundary exclusion area feature
  • SD card slot for data transfer of application information
  • Rapid return on investment with chemical savings and increased efficiency

This system utilizes these three components to provide precise spray control and superior coverage.

Ninja Spray Controller – A compact and watertight control box includes a high-resolution 5.7 inch full color screen that shows your application in real time. Includes a SD card input for data input and retrieval with a 2GB internal memory. The Ninja display console is customizable to fit your spray parameters, shows travel speed, application rate and total area sprayed. The display can be user customized for multiple languages.


ibx100 Sprayer Control – The ibx100 converts the GNSS data to the real time information shown on the Ninja screen. The controller can manages up to 13 Seletron nozzle sections automatically or manually, it automatically selects the best spray tip according to the preselected spray rate and current travel speed. It automatically adjusts your actual spray rate and pressure for precise application rates. The controller converts your GNSS data to virtually eliminate spray overlap between passes.


Seletron Dual Nozzle Holder – The Seletron makes the On/Off occur at the nozzle instead of the boom section, making the application more precise. The dual spray tips allow you a wide range of application speeds and application rates. The Seletron allows you to use spray tips with any spray pattern (air-inducted, extended range, twinjet, etc.) and from any manufacturer. A single cable throughout the spray boom allows easy installation. The Seletron nozzle holder has a low current demand, fast response time of open to closed in 0.4 seconds thereby eliminating dead volume and providing a uniform spray concentration.

Ninja Spray Control PDF

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