VM300 Truck Mounted Sprayer

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VM300 Truck Mounted SprayerVM300 Truck Mounted Sprayer

For in-bed installation in a long bed 3/4 ton or larger pickup truck.

The VM300 truck mounted sprayer was designed by SDI for in-bed installation and still leave room for cargo. The standard SDI configuration includes a Honda® GX or Kohler® Command Pro gasoline engine with a 10 gallon per minute Comet® diaphragm pump. This combination will generate spray pressures up to 580 psi, giving the operator lots of application flexibility. You can use lower pressures for weed spraying with minimal drift and still get the high pressures you need for tree spraying, root feeding or termite injection.

SDI’s VM300’s are constructed with a welded, epoxy coated frame for the pump and engine, and a durable color impregnated fiberglass tank. You can order a custom color to match your fleet. Our fiberglass tanks offer the maximum in durability and versatility.

The VM300 sprayer tank can be split into multiple compartments, allowing you the flexibility to spray more than just one material. Available tank splits include; 150/150, 200/100, and 100/100/100 gallon compartments. All SDI sprayers feature a screw in lid assembly with a pillow gasket designed to eliminate leaks. If you use wettable powders, soluble fertilizers or other hard to wet materials, the VM300 features dual mechanical agitation for complete mixing of spray materials. This non-corrosive, stainless steel agitation system rotates on self-lubricating bearings.

The diaphragm pump is designed for long life, low maintenance and the ability to efficiently move liquids with a wide range of viscosities. The pump includes a factory set safety relief valve so it is almost impossible to exceed the maximum operating pressure. All rotating parts are enclosed behind a reinforced fiberglass guard.

The pressure regulating valve offers a micrometer style knob to accurately adjust to high or low spraying pressures. It also features a “quick-unload” feature for easy engine starting.

We offer a variety of accessories to allow you to customize your sprayer to fit your needs. Electric or manual rewind hose reels, spray guns and root feeders are all available.

You can also take advantage of several different pump and engine combinations. We can include multiple pumping units to give you total isolation of different spray materials with multiple tank compartments. If our standard configuration isn’t right, just ask and we’ll be happy to help you design the sprayer that will best fit your needs!

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