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Low Profile Commercial Skid Pest Control SprayerLow Profile Commercial Skid Sprayers

Larger than our PCO sprayers, the Low Profile Commercial Skid Sprayers are 47 inches wide and will fit in a variety of truck boxes. These units can also be optionally configured to pin mount on a Cushman Turf Truckster. The C100 and C160 differ only in the height of the spray tank. These sprayers come with stainless steel mechanical agitation standard and have the option of jet agitation instead.

Standard Features on SDI Low Profile Commercial Skid Sprayers:

  • Custom molded fiberglass tank with color impregnated exterior gel coat.
  • Leak-proof vented lid assembly with pillow gasket seal.
  • Calibrated external liquid level sight tube.
  • Brass, stainless steel and poly fittings to create a corrosion free spray system.
  • SDI’s exclusive “grease free” stainless steel mechanical paddle agitation.
  • Long-life diaphragm spray pump.
  • Kohler engines sized to maximize pump GPM and PSI.
  • V-belt drive system engineered to provide years of trouble-free performance.
  • Heavy duty formed channel frame with welded joints.
Specifications C100 MODELS C160 MODELS
Fiberglass Tank 100 Gallons/370 Liters 160 Gallons/600 Liters
Power 12 Volt, Kohler or Honda 12 Volt, Kohler or Honda
Agitation Jet or Stainless Steel Mechanical Jet or Stainless Steel Mechanical
Spray Pump Diaphragm Diaphragm
Sprayer Dimensions 53″L x 50″W x 25″H 53″L x 50″W x 33″H
Frame Dimensions 49″L x 47″W 49″L x 47″W
Color White or Shamrock Green White or Shamrock Green

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