Sprayer Accessories For Your SDI Products

No sprayer is complete until it fits your application needs. You might need a trailer package, boom controls, foam marker, spray boom, hose reel or a walking spray boom. SDI provides the high quality sprayer accessories that add functionality and allow you to customize your sprayer to fit your application needs. Below are the categories of accessories available.

Trailer Packages for Spraying DevicesTrailer Packages

Our Trailer Packages work with most of our sprayers providing easy transport and flexibility for a variety of environments. We offer the following Trailer Packages:

  • Standard Trailer Assembly
  • Turf Trailer Assembly
  • Dual Turf Trailer Assembly
  • High Flotation Trailer Assembly
  • Ultra High Flotation Trailer Assembly
  • Highway (DOT) Trailer Assembly
  • High Flotation Highway (DOT) Trailer Assembly

Ninja Control BoxGPS Control Systems

GPS based control systems provide the ultimate in sprayer control. Obtain accuracy to within 2 inches between passes, eliminate overlap and automatically adjust your application rate as your speed changes. Individual nozzle control combined with real time on screen guidance provides superior coverage and accuracy. Get actual application data using the SD card to transfer the data.

Flow Based Controls for Spraying DevicesPressure Based Controls

We provide several Pressure Based Controls that allow operators to fine tune the output from our booms to meet your specific requirement. We provide the following pressure based control models:

  • SDI All Function Control System
  • Basic Controls With Motorized Valves
  • Basic Controls With Solenoid Valves

Flow Based Controls

Our Flow Based controls provide options to control the flow regardless of the ground or application speed. This can particularly helpful in varied terrain. These systems utilize GPS, wheel sensors or radar sensors for speed detection. We provide the following models:

  • MT01878
  • Raven SCS 440

Foam Marker for Spraying DevicesFoam Marker Guidance Systems

SDI Guidance systems mounts on all SDI booms allowing operators to save time and money by increasing the accuracy of your broadcast application. Defining your spray width helps to reduce spray overlap.

  • 81-FM3 Foam Marker

Booms for Spraying DevicesSpray Booms

We offer several Spray Booms for “wet” or “dry” applications in a variety of spray widths. Our Booms are constructed fromhigh quality, durable materials to ensure reliable operations for long term use. We offer the following Boom models:

  • SDI Optimum Turf Booms
  • SDI Automatic Boom Leveler
  • SDI Economy Spray Booms
  • SDI Windbreaker 2000 Shielded Spray Boom

Hose Reels for Spraying DevicesHose Reels

We offer a variety of Hose Reels to support your application needs. Choose from electric or manual models with hose lengths as needed.

  • Electric Rewind
  • Manual Rewind

Walking Spray Booms for Spraying DevicesWalking Spray Booms

The SDI Walking Spray Booms are lightweight and available in several widths to meet most application requirements.

  • Turf Walker 6.5
  • Turf Walker 10
  • Turf Walker SC6
  • Turf Walker SC10