Toro Optimum TW Series

Golf Course Sprayer – for the Toro® Workman®

Toro Golf Course Sprayer Optimum TW SeriesOPTIMUM SERIES – TW160, TW225 & TW300

Low profile golf course maintenance sprayers with fiberglass tank and durable piston diaphragm pump engineered by SDI to pin mount on Toro® Workman® HD & HDX turf vehicles. This sprayer requires an auxiliary hydraulic system to power the pump.

Specifications OPTIMUM TW160 OPTIMUM TW225
Fiberglass Tank 160 Gallons/600 Liters 225 Gallons/850 Liters
Sprayer Dimensions 72”L x 54”W x 22”H 72”L x 54”W x 24”H
Dry Weight 265 lbs. 300 lbs.
Agitation V-6 Hydro-Mix Jet V-6 Hydro-Mix Jet
Spray Pump 30 GPM Triple Diaphragm 30 GPM Triple Diaphragm
Pump Regulator Micrometer Adj.
0–200 PSI/0-14 Bar
Micrometer Adj.
0–200 PSI/0-14 Bar
Pump Power Auxiliary Hydraulics Auxiliary Hydraulics
Standard Color Red Red
Workman Mounting 4-Pin System 4-Pin System

Special Features of the SDI Optimum TW Series Sprayers:

  • Pin mounts exclusively to the Toro Workman HD & HDX. Four pins secure the sprayer to the vehicle pin system. Only five minutes or less is required to remove the four pins and two hydraulic quick couplers and the sprayer is ready to lift off.
  • Custom molded fiberglass tank with color impregnated Toro red gel coat.
  • 16″ screw-in filler opening is offset to the passenger’s side of the tank for easy loading of spray solution.
  • 30gpm hydraulic driven three piston-diaphragm spray pump with built-in pulsation damper. Easily and safely handles all spray chemicals including wettable powders, iron formulas and even tracker dyes. This design allows the pump to be run without spray solution (dry) with no damage to the pump’s diaphragms or mechanical components.
  • Operating spray pressures up to 200 PSI exceeds all turf spraying requirements and provides adequate pressure for “Walking Spray Booms” at the end of 200 feet of 1/2″ hose.
  • SDI’s “Hydro-Mix” six orifice jet agitator with ceramic tips out performs most paddle (mechanical) agitation systems and can be adjusted to minimize foaming by changing of tip size or restricting inlet flow.
  • Daily maintenance of the sprayer is very easy due to OPTIMUM accessibility of the top mounted pump and plumbing. The Toro Workman vehicle engine compartment is readily accessible by raising the sprayer’s front end using the hydraulic lift cylinder.
  • Optional “Quick Stand” Storage System available.
  • Deep sump suction system assures complete emptying of spray material.
  • Add SDI’s Convertible (15/21 foot) OPTIMUM Turf Boom, solenoid, motorized or computerized boom controls to complete the OPTIMUM Spray System.

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