Mixing Stations

Mixing and Injection Machines

We offer two types of mixing systems, injection and chemical mixing systems.

SDI has been in the gypsum and soil amendment injection machine business since our founding. We offer a high quality commercial grade fiberglass tank with a stainless steel horizontal mixing shaft. The agitator shaft includes our patented self-lubricating tungsten carbide bushing system. There is a floating suction hose to allow the introduction of a constant flow rate into your irrigation system.

This rugged construction allows the end user to mix all types of normally insoluble materials such as lime, gypsum, dry fertilizer, micro nutrients or soil amendments. Typically placed adjacent to the pump station or well head, these units hook into the electrical system at the pump. A 480 volt, 3 phase electric drive motors is standard with other voltages available. We build these units in 300 or 600 gallon sizes. We also offer a 300 gallon gasoline engine powered machine that can be trailer mounted to easily move from site to site.

Mixing Stations Inject-A-Cure Turf Injection System

Turf Inject-A-Cure 600

Inject-A-Cure Solution Injection System

The Inject-A-Cure Solution injection systems are designed to accurately and consistently inject lime, gypsum, soil amendments or fertilizer into an irrigation system. We offer two types of injection machines.

The Turf Inject-A-Cure has an automatic electric control panel with 24 hour clock to interface with your irrigation system.

The Ag Inject-A-Cure has a mag starter on/off switch allowing you to manually control the mix and injection into your irrigation system. Both machines have a floating suction hose to allow accurate constant rate metering into an irrigation system.

Ag Inject-A-Cure 600

  • Floating Suction Hose
  • One Piece Stainless Steel Mechanical Agitation Shaft
  • SDI Patented Tungsten Carbide Bearing Assemblies are Grease Free and Maintenance Free
  • Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Fiberglass Tank
  • Belt Driven High Pressure Diaphragm Pump
  • Welded, Epoxy Coated Steel Frame
  • Electrical System Matched To Your Needs
  • Trailer Package Available

Ag Inject-A-Cure Brochure pdf

Turf Inject-A-Cure Brochure pdf

Cone Bottom Poly Tank Chemical Mixing System

1000 gallon Cone bottom Poly Mixing Station

Our Cone Bottom Poly Tank Chemical Mixing System helps to speed up and make your chemical applications more efficient. Mixing in a large batch keeps the chemical mix consistent and your application more accurate by eliminating the need to mix between loads. Equipped with the optional chemical eduction system batch mixing your chemicals has never been easier.


Pit Stop Mixers

Mixing Stations Pit Stop Mixers

Pit Stop 600

Many commercial applicators have a need to consistently mix multiple loads of spray solution. The SDI Pit Stop chemical mix and fill station is a chemical batch mixing system. The installation of this unit allows the operator to batch mix your concentrated spray chemicals to insure a proper dilution rate and reduce downtime by eliminating repeated mix and fill operations.

The electronic digital flow meters accurately measure the rate and amount of fresh water into the tank and the diluted mix into the sprayer. The stainless steel mechanical agitation system gives complete chemical mixing insuring consistent dilution and dispersion of the chemicals in the batch. The self-priming 50gpm stainless steel pump allows you to fill a 300 gallon sprayer in as little as 6 minutes.

The SDI Pit Stop is offered in three sizes, 300, 600 and 1000 gallons. These units are powered by two electric motors, one for the agitation and one for the pump allowing the agitation system to operate between sprayer fillings.

Pit Stop Brochure pdf