Optimum XD Series

Golf Course Sprayers – for the Jacobsen® Truckster XD



Low profile sprayers with commercial grade fiberglass tank and your choice of a durable piston-diaphragm or stainless steel centrifugal pump. This sprayer has been engineered by SDI to pin mount to the Jacobsen® Truckster XD.

Specifications OPTIMUM XD160 OPTIMUM XD225 OPTIMUM XD300
Fiberglass Tank 160 Gallons/600 Liters 225 Gallons/850 Liters 300 Gallons/1100 Liters
Sprayer Dimensions 56”L x 52”W x 25”H 56”L x 64”W x 26”H 56”L x 64”W x 30”H
Dry Weight 265 lbs. 300 lbs. 335 lbs.
Agitation V-6 Hydro-Mix Jet V-6 Hydro-Mix Jet V-8 Hydro-Mix Jet
Spray Pump Triple Diaphragm or SS Centrifugal Triple Diaphragm or SS Centrifugal Triple Diaphragm or SS Centrifugal
Pump Power Auxiliary Hi/Lo Hydraulics Auxiliary Hi/Lo Hydraulics Auxiliary Hi/Lo Hydraulics
Standard Color Jacobsen Orange Jacobsen Orange Jacobsen Orange
Mounting 2-Pin System 2-Pin System 2-Pin System

Special Features of the SDI Optimum XD Series Sprayers:

  • These sprayers are engineered to pin mount to the Jacobsen® Truckster XD in less than five minutes. Uses the existing utility box hinge pins for easy attachment in minutes.
  • Custom molded low profile fiberglass tank has color-matched orange gel coat with UV protection. The tank features a large suction sump for OPTIMUM safety & performance (excellent for low solution levels and hilly terrain conditions).
  • 300 gallon model XD300 has the added feature of tank anti surge baffles.
  • 16″ screw-in filler opening with integrated pillow gasket and pressure vacuum vent assures leak free operation.
  • Unique tank top rear recess houses diaphragm pump and system controls for easy access and adjustments.
  • There are four pump options for you to choose from. We offer two different hydraulic drive piston-diaphragm spray pumps with flows of 29gpm or 42gpm at pressures up to 290psi. OR you can choose from two stainless steel centrifugal spray pumps with flows of 72gpm or 140gpm at pressures up to 120psi. The pumps are driven off the high/low hydraulic system of the vehicle.
  • SDI’s “Hydro-Mix” venturi-jet agitation with ceramic metering orifice discs provides high performance hydraulic agitation throughout the solution tank.
  • Optional “Quick Stand” Storage System available.
  • Select from a wide variety of custom accessories to complete your OPTIMUM sprayer package – GPS, solenoid, motorized, or computerized boom controls – Economy, Optimum or Shielded Spray Booms – hose reels, hose, and spray guns – walking spray booms – as well as other user friendly options to personalize the system to fit your needs.

    Cushman Quick Storage System for Optimum VM Sprayer

    Quick Stand Storage System

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