Pest Control Sprayers

Pest Control Sprayers

The SDI PCO pest control sprayers are built in three tank sizes (30, 50 and 100 gallons) and are offered with a variety of pumps and engines to best fit the needs of the professional pest control operator. These units are primarily designed to mount in smaller pickups, but also work well in larger vehicles.

Our Low Profile Commercial Skid Sprayers are pest control sprayers built in two sizes and offer a wide combination of pumps and engines. This is the next size up from the PCO Sprayers with tank capacities of 100 or 160 gallons. These units are designed for skid mounting in vehicles with a minimum bed width of 47″.

PCO Pest Control SprayersPCO SPRAYERS

Designed for the professional pest control operator, the PCO Sprayers include high quality standard features and optional customizations to accommodate varied requirements, equipment and jobs. Offered in 30, 50 & 100 gallon low profile tank sizes with mechanical or jet agitation systems.

Low Profile Pest Control Commercial Skid SprayersLOW PROFILE COMMERCIAL SKID SPRAYERS

For large pest control environments, the Low Profile Commercial Skid Sprayer models include commercial grade components, large tank volumes, and heavy duty construction. These sprayers can be skid mounted or pin mounted to a Cushman Turf Truckster if so desired. We also offer highway, hi-flotation and standard trailer assemblies. The SDI Low Profile Commercial Skid Sprayer comes in 100 and 160 gallon tank sizes with mechanical or jet agitation.